Offline Internet Consortium

The Offline Internet Consortium (OLI) brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world to build capacity for providing access to high quality networked information for those most in need.  Half the world has no or inadequate broadband access, but there are many needs (in developing countries, in remote locations, in politically constrained settings, in post-disaster and post-conflict environments).  Many OLI participants are already active in such work and all believe that the work can be advanced and that it can better be advanced if those who work in this area find ways to collaborate in advancing technology, advancing content creation, and advance the work of delivering solutions to populations that stand to benefit.

This website offers information about the achievements and possibilities of this work and encourages interested parties to join in the consortium’s work.

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Offline Internet Consortium

Founding Summit
Tempe AZ (USA)
Jan. 31 - Feb. 1, 2018

Twenty-five practitioners from around the world met at Arizona State University to explore possible synergies and the formation of a consortium to provide offline Internet services for communities without access to such services and as backup when Internet fails.

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Digital technology offers unprecedented means to transmit, store, and utilize information.  While a growing number of individuals and communities are able to benefit in numerous ways from the expanded opportunities that new technologies offer, there are nonetheless many populations and regions where Internet capabilities are weak to non-existent, resulting in loss of educational, cultural, economic, research, and social development.  A growing number of independent organizations and individuals are devoting efforts to solving this problem of access to digital information to underserved populations.  While making enormous headway, such organizations are often unaware of other efforts, opportunities, and technical advances that could be leveraged.

In order to explore these issues and to pursue solutions, Arizona State University Library and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, with the involvement of IFLA, organized an international summit from January 29 to February 1, 2018, at the ASU Library in Tempe, Arizona, USA.


The Summit's Work


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