Participants & Organizations

The summit was hosted by Arizona State University Library, in cooperation with ASU's School for the Future of Innovation in Society.  

Organizing Committee:  James O'Donnell (ASU Library), Ann Okerson (IFLA:  International Federation of Library Associations), Jérémy Lachal and Muy-Cheng Peich (BSF:  Libraries Without Borders/Bibliothèques sans Frontières).

The followon work will be carried forward by working groups in the main areas of interest.  To express interest in joining a working group, please see the linked spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Participating organizations included:

  • Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

  • Arizona State University

  • BSF (Bibliothèques sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders)

  • eGranary Digital Library

  • Gigabit Libraries Network

  • IFLA


  • INEE

  • Internet-in-a-Box

  • Kiwix

  • Learning Equality

  • LibraryBox

  • MAKAIA Foundation

  • Rumie Initiative

  • Sarawak State Library

  • SolarSPELL (ASU)

  • Sunna Design/Moon Project


  • WiderNet@UNC

  • * World Health Organization (WHO)​

*Observer status

For brief descriptions of individual participants and their organizations, CLICK HERE.